pretzel bites.

pretzel bites.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the chersweeple.

i feel bad i haven't been writing. and i haven't been writing cause i haven't been baking. or cooking. unless you consider throwing together the random assortment of food gifts we've received from friends and calling it dinner. the other night we had quite the discombobulated spread. though maybe i'm not being entirely fair. i managed to make challah on friday, and occasionally i go to the grocery store and buy things and actually prepare them myself and josh and i eat them for dinner, usually while one of us is standing up by the table and dancing with raphael. most of the time we just order in.

actually, when i get around to it, i have quite the post coming... the day before raphael was born i had mild contractions on and off for hours and hours and i baked a delicious chocolate babka, which was buttery and flaky and chocolatey and cinnamony and delicious. but you will just have to wait for that. after all, right now showering is a privilege.

in the mean time, i give you this: the chersweeple.

three pies baked inside of three cakes.
cherry pie inside of chocolate cake.
sweet potato pie inside of spice cake.
apple pie inside of white cake.
the chersweeple.

that is correct. i made that. and ate (some of) it. and it was delicious.

granted, i made it a year and a half ago for my friend jodie's 30th birthday, but it's still certainly blog-worthy. all you have to do is buy three small pre-made pies and three boxed cake mixes and prepare them according to the directions on the back, then pour enough batter to cover the bottom of a round pan, insert a pie, cover with more batter, and bake until everything seems finished. then frost and stack. it's easier than it seems. i promise.

there are lots of things you can bake inside of things. candy bars in cookies. cookies in cookies. candy bars in brownies. cookies in brownies. mini cupcakes in bigger cupcakes. candy bars in cupcakes. you get the idea. but none of them can come close to the chersweeple. maybe some day i'll try another variation. pecan pie inside of chocolate cake. blueberry pie inside of lemon cake. strawberry rhubarb pie inside of yellow cake. chocolate chip pie inside of cinnamon cake...

but right now i'm still waiting to take a shower.

Friday, May 4, 2012

the most delicious thing i ever made.

introducing raphael moses, who is, without a doubt, the most delicious thing i ever made.