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The Short and The Small of It

I come from generations of women who have all been the same size: short. When I was young I knew that I would grow up to be short and now that I’ve grown up I am, obviously, short. It would be impossible to be me, to be in my body for all these years, and not know that I stand inches below the national average height for women in the US, which I just looked up again to confirm it hasn’t changed, and it hasn’t. It’s 5’4. I’m shorter than that by 2 ¼ inches.  Many years ago when I was self conscious about everything (and not just some things), I used to try to boost my height, even just a little bit, by only ever wearing shoes that gave me at least an extra inch. I even wore flip flops that were sort of platformy. It was a ridiculous, sometimes uncomfortable endeavor, bound for failure, and I gave it up at some point in my mid 20s and truly managed to embrace being shorter than nearly every adult I know. There are actually many benefits to being short, you should know. Besides, there are

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