3 ingredients to happiness.

fresh mint.
greek yogurt.

that's it. and there you have a bowl full of happiness.

remove the seeds from the cucumber, dice it, and chop the mint. one large cucumber should do it. the amount of mint is up to you, though i recommend using lots and lots. toss it all together with some salt, pepper, and garlic salt, and you have a wonderful, creamy, healthy side dish to a spicy curry, a nice topping for fish, a perfect dip for pita chips, or even a lovely little snack.


  1. John Podhoretz sent me here.

    Deseed the cucumber with a spoon and grate it for a different texture. I get a special powder from India just for yogurt, but try a pinch of cumin powder and lemon juice.

  2. thank you so much for the suggestion! the lemon and cumin sound delicious! like a perfect, delicious little kick!

  3. how do you deseed cucumber? also, can you just make this one for me too? also, i really love the first picture of the chopped cukes in that blue ceramic bowl with the dark red background.

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